The New Bond Movie: Spectre

It is his fourth performance as Bond, Daniel Craig has to face the criminal organization Spectre. Released on 26 October in the UK, the movie premieres on 5 November in Germany and Switzerland and on 6 November in Austria. With a budget of almost 275 Mio Euros it is one of the most expensive movies ever produced and promises a load of action – just James Bond like. In March 2015, Imax announced that it would again screen a James Bond movie at its cinemas.

Christoph Waltz in the role of James Bond's evil counter part (© , CC by 2.0)

Christoph Waltz in the role of James Bond’s evil counter part (© , CC by 2.0)

M, Q and Miss Moneypenny return and additional characters have been created with Monica Belluci as Lucia Sciarra, Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann and Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx.

In its opening week in the UK, Spectre has grossed 58,3 Mio Euros making it the most successful first-week opening. Critics have already put the movie on the same level as Skyfall. Experts expect to gross of around 70 mio Euros for its US premiere on 5 November.

Sam Smith contributed the official James Bond song for Spectre with the title “Writings On The Wall”.

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  1. test 6 years ago

    Well done and pleasant movie, waiting already for another parts (y)

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