DiCaprio finally won

Controversial to some respect the key question at the 88th Academy Awards was whether Leornado DiCaprio would finally take home an Oscar or not. And the answer was yes. He received the award for Best Actor for his role in the movie “The Revenant”. Despite that some of the major winners were “Mad Max: Fury Road” with 6 Oscars and “Spotlight”, which received the award for the best movie.

Watch DiCaprio’s speech after receiving the award.

Some of the most memorable moments of the evening when it comes to gowns of female participants were certainly the Louis Vuitton dress worn by Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl”) who also won the Oscar for best female supporting actress. Other noteable gowns were the one from Brie Larson (Best Main Actress “The Room”) in dark blue by Gucci and Charlize Theron in red by Dior.

The dinner for the Oscars was again provided by Austrian Chef Wolfgang Puck.


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