Baselworld 2016

In times of understatement traditional watchmaker are not so much threatened by the Apple iWatch but the more conservative consumer behavior of its customers. Used to success the year 2015 has brought decline sales figures of almost 3,5% and so presenters at this year’s Baselworld have become more moderate. The high value of the Swiss Frank has not helped either.

And so it is others that could increase their profits – be it some German watchmaker like Nomos or Glashütte. Nomos could profit from their simple design and could increase their turnover by approx. 30% in 2015. In addition smart watches will become more and more a topic. Estimates show that more smart watches were sold in the 4th quarter than Swiss watches. But only TAG Heuer, Swatch and Tissot jumped on the smart watch bandwaggon so far.

Thus, the landscape of the watch world is expected to change in the coming years and since not all producers will find a buyer we might see some of the brands disappearing.


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